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At Amazon.com.cy our policy is customer satisfaction. We aim higher for the benefit of our customers by offering them quality service and many different options and ideas on how they can fully utilize their visit to Cyprus.

We are one of the founding partners of YourCyprus.com, so you can be sure that we know pretty much everything there is to know about Cyprus.

We have excellent contacts with all the official and unofficial sports organizations in Cyprus and we have 8 years hands-on experience in tourism and hospitality services. Throughout the years, we have organized successfully everything from conferences to sports trips & training to weddings!

We use our knowledge and experience to help you make the best of your visit in Cyprus. We can take care of your requirements from A to Z. With us, you will be welcomed as friends because our company’s policy doesn’t say “Good Bye”, it says “See you soon”.

Feel free to contact us any time, we will be more than happy to give you help and advice

Our Main Services

1. Sports Training & Tourism

Message from the
Managing Director
of Amazon

We start assisting you before you
arrive in Cyprus. We offer you any information you need to organise your timetable and will advise you on the choice of your flight companies or anything else needed according to your targets and goals. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Assistance at arrival and departure for groups/teams/delegations

+ Assistance during stay for groups/teams/delegations

+ Organizing your transportation needs for any type of transfers needed, such as to and from the airport, to and from training facilities, or for special excursions

+ Organizing your Sports Training needs

+ Special arrangements for training camps and facilities, conference rooms, friendly games and meetings

+ Depending on the group size we offer a selection of special offers depending on the number of participants for more attractive pricing

+ Programs and arrangements to suit your needs

+ Anything and everything that has to do with your possible visit and stay to Cyprus

We do anything possible to ensure the satisfaction of our partners and guests. Just email us what you want to do in Cyprus and we will make it happen, in the best way possible!

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3. Conferences, Seminars & Incentive Travel

Despite its small size, Cyprus has been at the crossroads of history for millennia. Professional destination management companies find that its location is no less strategic today - add to that, its unique combination of world class hotels and resorts and Mediterranean charm and you have the perfect setting for holding productive meetings and conferences in a relaxed environment. Whether the event you are planning is for five or 500, you'll find there's no more distinctive, user-friendly venue than Cyprus.

It is their high expectations of service and modern, quality facilities that leads many international companies to select hotels and resorts in Cyprus for their international conferences and incentive activities. In the capital city of Lefkosia, plush business-oriented hotels are popular choices among traveling executives. Not to be outdone, hotel and resort properties of the coastal regions can afford a business person the wonderful experience of going from the boardroom to the beach in a matter of minutes.

If you are thinking or organizing your company's conference and/or seminar in Cyprus, or to include Cyprus in your incentive travel offering, then you are definitely thinking RIGHT!

We can make all the arrangements for such a possibility and make sure that your stay is trouble-free, pleasant and that your business targets are completely met. Email us with your requirements.

Click here for more information about business tourism in Cyprus.

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4. Accommodation

Click on the links below and visit our sister site, search for the hotel you would like, find out more, fill in the booking form and we will contact you immediately to make arrangements for your every need. 

A diverse range of accommodation awaits visitors to Cyprus, from cozy agrotourism villas in the hill towns to three, four and five star hotel resorts. At hotels visitors will generally find modern, up to date common areas, contemporary room furnishings and a high level of service unique to the Mediterranean region. Most international hotels (three or more stars) have at least one swimming pool and usually at least one restaurant. Buffet style dining is popular and presents diners with a bountiful array of market fresh Cyprus and international cuisine.

Click here for a complete hotel and hotel apartment directory

Hotel apartments are popular options among some visitors. They are ideal for longer stays, for the budget-conscious and for those who value independence over all else. Rates for hotels and hotel apartments are available on request.

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Message from the Managing Director of Amazon.com.cy

Subject: Sports Training & Tourism in Cyprus

I would like to extend a warm invitation to you, your team or your sports club to consider Cyprus and our company for your sports training needs. Especially for Olympic athletes, Cyprus is an ideal destination for preparing for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, since our environment, climate and culture is extremely comparable to that of Greece. Cyprus has a lot to offer to both professional athletes and individuals wanting to enjoy their favorite sport while on vacation.

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, or just a sports enthusiast I believe that Cyprus is an ideal sports training destination and our company an excellent partner that will dedicate itself to helping you reach your goals in the most pleasant way possible.

We are a hospitable and sports loving in people in Cyprus. This hospitality combined with our excellent weather conditions, modern sports facilities, high quality accommodation and telecommunications infrastructure, our safe and pleasant surroundings, will surely make your sports training an unforgettable experience.

It is by no chance that 3 million tourists choose Cyprus as their holiday destination every year and certainly by no chance that hundreds of teams prefer Cyprus for their training destination.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cyprus and extending to you the hospitality for which Cypriot people are so famous for. We are sure that once you come to Cyprus to train, as Olympic Medalist Konstantinos Kenteris says, you will keep coming back for more...

Yours Truly,

Managing Director
Amazon Sports Services
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